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Enjoy our menu with your social bubble - Alameda

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

February 25, 2021: A Message to Our Community

Do you miss catching up with your friends or grabbing something to eat with your family? We are all experiencing these changes, but we know food can bring us all together. C'era Una Volta offers meals for two and meals for four, so you can enjoy time with your social bubble.

Thinking of having a date night? We have meals for two.

Is your family hungry, but you're too tired or too busy to cook? We have meals for four.

Live alone? Ditch the packaged goods and treat yourself to a nice meal for one!

Are your kids picky eaters? Fear not, we have a yummy children's menu we're sure they'll enjoy!

Take care of yourself and enjoy some quality time with your bubble.

Alameda County Rregulations

Alameda regulations for restaurants is not allowing indoor seating yet, but we offer pickup and delivery services.

Employees are required to wear masks and wash their hands regularly to ensure everyone's safety.


We offer a range of items - from salads, antipasti, pizza, pasta, & special dinners - for you to choose from.

Stay warm indoors and order from our website directly or from your favorite 3rd party delivery app.


We are located at Alameda's Spirits Alley, inside the Bladium. Soon, we will also have a second location coming to the historic Downtown Alameda at Flavor Town.


Though the city of Alameda has restricted restaurants from having indoor dining, C'era Una Volta is providing pick up and delivery to ensure you are still getting to eat your favorite meals. We have a variety of options for diners to choose from. We offer many individual items, but we also offer meals for one, two, and four persons.

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