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Bring Chef Rudy To You

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Let Chef Rudy be your personal chef. He will meet with you and customize a multi-meal plan by determining how often you need personal meals and the number of meals cooked each time. Rudy’s personality as a chef may be simply summed up on this premise he lives by: “Food is more than just fuel that feeds our bodies – it is the universal and indispensable means of conveying our traditions and shared community.  Food with tradition and with ‘soul’ is the central expression of special occasions in cultures around the world.  In my philosophy, food maintains our bodies – ‘taste sustains life’.“

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Do I need a Private or Personal Chef?

Who are we?

C'era Una Volta is a restaurant/venue based in Alameda, California, featuring Chef Rutilio “Rudy” Fanetti-Duran's cuisine. Our main location is: 800 West Tower Avenue at Bladium Sports Club in Alameda, CA 94501.

What does a Personal Chef do?

  • Create menus for your clients.

  • Plan meals.

  • Shop for all ingreditents.

  • Prepare for special dietary needs (organic, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, etc)

  • Cook meals in advance or onsite.

  • Properly store food with heating instructions.

  • Correctly handle food.

  • Clean up and sanitize.

  • Know nutritional information.

  • Cater to your needs.

  • Explore new and interesting ways to serve you your favorite dishes, as well as find new ones.


Personal Chef Vs. Private Chef

There are a few key differences that separate these two roles. 

A private chef will work with a single client while a personal chef may have several clients. Many private chefs live on-site, prepare fresh meals, and serve them. They are typically required for the preparation of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Much like a personal chef, a private chef would be responsible for ordering groceries and running the kitchen. Private chefs may even travel with their clients and are on call 24/7.


A personal chef, like Chef Rudy, on the other hand, will work in a commercial kitchen and have the meals taken to their client rather than cooking in the client’s home - but it is always an option for the personal chef to cook onsite for you.


Chef Rudy is well-acclaimed for his personal chef skills. Enjoy the taste of delicious Italian cuisine cooked "just for you".

Contact Information

Contact me if you are interested in a Chef's Table event, or simply have ideas. I'm always looking for new and exciting ideas and opportunities. Let's connect.


Tel: 510.769.4828

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