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Those who know Rutilio “Rudy” Duran see how this veil of history and culture defines the man.

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Chef's Story

Rudy was born in Livorno, Italy in the region of Tuscany and became an “American” in 2000.  He arrived having completed chef’s training in Italy and had worked many years on Cruiseships and as private chef on private yachts.


His philosophy is shaped by war-torn post World War II Italy as much as these work experiences. “Though our town had been destroyed, we were determined to laugh, love and live well with what little we had.  I learned to take pleasure in the sensation of being alive, and my appreciation for taste rose above all else.”


Rudy’s personality as a chef may be simply summed up on this premise he lives by: Food is more than just fuel that feeds our bodies – it is the universal and indispensible means of conveying our traditions and shared community.  Food with tradition and with “soul” is the central expression of special occasions in cultures around the world.  In my philosophy, food maintains our bodies – “taste sustains life.”


Contact me if you are interested in a Chef's Table event, or simply have ideas. I'm always looking for new and exciting ideas and opportunities. Let's connect.


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