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Event Catering Customized to Your Needs

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In the S.F. Bay Area since 2004, we apply our years of experience to help create your special event. We offer an array of service styles and a range of menu options. Rudy’s personality as a chef may be simply summed up on this premise he lives by: "In my philosophy, food maintains our bodies – taste sustains life.“

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Traditional Italian Menu

Enjoy the taste of delicious Italian cuisine cooked "just for you".

Who are we?

Featuring Chef Rutilio “Rudy” Fanetti-Duran, our Italian cuisine is based in Tuscan traditional recipes.

Location: 800 West Tower Avenue at SoFive Soccer Center/The Hub in Alameda, CA 94501.

Contact Information

We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities to serve you. Share your ideas, and we'll help bring them to life. Let's connect!

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