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Happy Holidays
Xmas Menu 2

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Wednesday, December 21st

C'era Una Volta This Holiday Season!


Winter Salad - Mixed greens, persimmon, dried cranberries, pomegranate & walnuts

Burrata Salad - Heirloom tomatoes, greens, basil & balsamic reduction

Octopus Salad - Boiled octopus on arugula, with boiled potatoes, lemon, parsley & olive oil

Arancini - Rice ball with Chianti and mozzarella filled center (6 per order)

Focaccia - serving for 4 

For One       For Two

$11.00           $17.00






Porchetta - Pork loin roll stuffed with our homemade Tuscany-style sausage and side of roasted vegetables - asparagus, carrots, potatoes & peppers (tray serves 5)

Gnocchi al Tartufo - Truffle filled gnocchi with mushroom cream sauce (tray serves 6)

Lasagne - Fresh pasta layered with all-beef Chianti meat sauce and creamy bechamel with nutmeg; topped with parmesan cheese (tray serves 8)

Lobster Cannelloni - Filling of lobster tail, bell pepper, carrot, celery & white onion, with a light asparagus cream sauce (tray serves 6)

For One        Tray

$18.00            $65.00

$18.00            $65.00

$17.00            $75.00

$22.00            $100.00


Torta della Nonna - Lemon cream torte topped with pine nuts, almonds &

powdered sugar

Pecan  Tart - Crunchy pecan filling layered in shortbread crust

Piramide - Chocolate mousse pyramid

Panna Cotta - sweet, vanilla cream gelatin dessert with berries






Enjoy the Holidays!

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