A Four Course Meal including Focaccia 


An Extravagant Individual Meal $55.00

An Abundant Meal for Two Family Style  $89.00 

(matching items for each course)

Available December 22 - 24

Order for a night of “dinner theater” during the Natasha Miller virtual Holiday Concert Wednesday December 23rd

All week every meal will generate a DONATION to Rhythmix Cultural Works, Alameda’s Cultural Arts destination!



Organic Greens Salad with Fennel, Orange slices, Roasted Beets & pistachio with vinaigrette & side of focaccia

PRIMO - choose one: 

Brodo (Vegetable Broth) with cheese filled Tortellini, finished with Parmigiano

Ravioli Burrata with Smoked Salmon in a light cream sauce, finished with Parmigiano

Ravioli Porcini in a light mushroom & cream sauce, finished with Parmigiano

Lasagne alla Senese (meat sauce & bechamel), finished with Parmigiano

Risotto ai Funghi Mushroom Risotto, finished with Parmigiano (Vegan option available)

SECONDO - choose one:

Filet Mignon grilled medium rare (8 oz.) and sides of roasted potatoes and vegetables

Grilled Salmon Filet and sides of mashed potato with carrot and asparagus

Roasted Half Chicken and sides of roasted potatoes and vegetables

DOLCE - choose one (limited availability):

Panettoncino di Limoncello (little panettone with lemon) filled with Gelato Frutti ai Bosco (fresh berry gelato)

Panna Cotta Vanilla Cream

Coccolamole Vegan Coconut Milk Panna Cotta

Tiramisù Traditional Mascarpone Cream with Lady Fingers and Coffee Liqueur

Kids Menu

Kids Cheese Pizza: Small Cheese Pizza $8

Kids Pepperoni Pizza: Small Pepperoni Pizza $9

Kids Pasta Marinara: Marinara Tomato Sauce with Oregano and Garlic & Parmesan cheese $8

Kids Pasta Butter & Cheese: Butter Cream Sauce & Parmesan cheese $8