Friday, December 13th during the Second Friday Art Walk
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The commissions along with a portion of the sales price will be donated to help the latest victims of fire disaster in the Bay Area. We have identified two non-profits the Russian River Fund and Latino Community Foundation. Both organizations are helping victims of the Kincade Fire. Join us for a buffet and prosecco $35.




Born in 1966 in Pietrasanta near Lucca in the Tuscany region of Italy, Domenico Monteforte now lives and works in Forte dei Marmi, Italy.


Monteforte’s friendship with San Francisco Opera Music Director Nicola Luisotti is the impetus behind his That’s Opera mural spanning the 4th floor and basement of the S.F. War Memorial and Veteran’s Building.


Further opera-inspired works painted on the score sheets of Tuscan born composer Giacomo Puccini were recently exhibited at the San Francisco Istituto Italiano di Cultura.


Everyday life 'clip shots' have held a fascination for me. Satire, humor and personal isolation are strong threads that weave themselves throughout the figurative work. The images have been processed through my own personal visual filter. I paint the genre of "human/social condition narratives" which come from my absorbing interest in movies, theater and personal or documentary photography.

Nostalgia is a component of the vintage-based work. Nostalgia in Greek literally means "the pain from an old wound". It's a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone. I paint what I feel: you do not have to feel as I do..that you get some emotional reaction from what I create is all that matters... whether it be laughter or a knowing connectedness.

The Divas, painted in acrylic, have one characteristic in common--they all are women with attitude. Displaying a fierce boldness with an undercurrent of intrigue that often turns introspective, they cannot be overlooked, or ignored. The Divas are in our face and we, as viewers have to confront them. Once seen, these images are hard to forget, perpetuating the ultimate diva feminine mystique. I try to capture my subjects in a moment to ensure that this moment will become timeless.

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